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Slodki Wentzl in the Pages of History

Sweet Wentzl Confectionery continues the tradition dating back to 1792, when Jan Wentzl moved his catering establishment to the Tenement House under the Picture in the Main Market Square, which he received as a dowry from his wife Maria Hallerna. For 220 years, in the rooms on the ground floor of the building at 19 Rynek Główny, guests were received, from Krakow and many newcomers visiting the city. At the end of the 19th century, it was a meeting place for artists, especially painters. It was here that the idea of establishing the National Museum was born during a meeting of a group of friends, led by Henryk Siemiradzki, who decided to donate the first exhibit, his monumental painting “Nero’s Torches”.

In the interwar period, this place enjoyed a special sympathy of the establishment, both from Krakow and Warsaw. This is evidenced by the entries in the guest book from the 1930s, which can be seen in the cafe at the Main Market Square. There are drawings, discriptions and footnotes by, among others, Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński, Vlastimir Hoffman and Marshal Rydz-Śmigły.

Our Cafe on the Main Square in Krakow

The modern character of the cafe over the last several years has been created by experts in Polish and French confectionery art: Susana Osorio de Mrożek, Olivier Boudon, Grzegorz Zdeb, and especially Anthony Lelievre, a certified master of French pastries.

Our Confectionery Workshop

In the nearby Słodki Wentzl confectionery workshop, sophisticated cakes and pies are made, and their high quality and aesthetics are the only criteria followed by confectioners. They are produced from proven, branded, natural ingredients, and their quality is supervised by the head of the workshop.

The pride of the studio is (apart from cakes and pastries) ice cream produced using the traditional method. Unlike industrial ice cream, they do not contain so much air in their structure, which is why our ice cream is twice as heavy, more substantial, interesting and complex. This ice cream, contains only natural ingredients, does not contain preservatives and is the basis of ice cream desserts offered in our confectionery

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