Slodki Wentzl cafes perpetuate a tradition since 1792, when Jan Wentzl moved his restaurant to Kamienica pod Obrazem in Rynek Glówny. The building was his wife’s – Maria Hallerowna’s – dowry. For the last 220 years the ground floor of the building hosted guests from Cracow as well as other visitors. At the end of 19th century the place was visited mainly by painters. It is here where the idea of creation the National Museum was first mentioned, during a friendly meeting. Henryk Siemiradzki, famous Polish painter, was a member of this group; he later decided to give the first exhibit to the museum – his monumental picture „Pochodnie Nerona”.

The actual character of the cafe has been created by Polish and French cuisine experts – Susana Osorio de Mrożek, Olivier Boudon, Grzegorz Zdeb, and especially our certified master of French bakery Anthony Lelievre.

In the nearby confectioner’s atelier Słodki Wentzl, located in Salwator district, high quality cakes and pastries are created. We are using only natural, high quality ingredients, which is continuosly controlled by the chef of the atelier, Grzegorz Prochal.

The centrepiece of the confectioner’s atelier, along with cakes and pies, are the traditionally produced ice cream. As opposed to ice cream, ours are twice as heavy, meaty and complex. Also, they are prepared using only natural ingredients, which is proven by their short, 6 months due dates. Our ice cream are undoubtedly our pride and the base of all ice cream desserts in all Slodki Wentzl cafes.

We are pleased to welcome you in our non-pretentiously designed, modern cafes, where friendly staff is waiting to offer you the highest quality products.